Skin Plus Pricing

Botox®/ Dysport®/ Dermal Fillers 

At Skin Plus the Cost of Botox® is $15 per unit, the cost of Dysport® is $5 per unit ($6.50 per unit for under 70 units). Prices are including GST, to all patients, no previous discounts apply.

The amount of units required depends on a lot of factors which your Skin Plus nurse will be able to advise you on. However, here is an idea of average costs:

The cost for 1ml of Dermal Fillers is $485 – Most clients need between 1ml and 2ml of Dermal Filler, depending on the area they want treated.

Frown Area $325

Dysport 70 units Combo Package (2 areas / Frown & Forehead) $350

Dysport 120 units Combo Package (3 areas / Frown, Forehead & Crows) $600

Dysport 70 units + 1ml Dermal Filler Package $779

Dysport 120 units + 1ml Dermal Filler Package $965

Hyperhidrosis $1,199



Single Treatment $79

Package Deal 6 x Treatments $399


Micro Needling

Single Treatment $299

Package Deal 5 x Treatments $1,350


Light Therapy

Add on (in combination with other treatments) $50

Single Treatment $99

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